Proper Fentanyl cleanup can save lives. Improper cleaning puts lives at danger.

Government Cleanup

We handle cleanups in prisons, jails, courthouses, precincts and any government building.

Industrial Cleanup

From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, we can handle the largest cleanup jobs!

Business Cleanup

Ensure your employees and customers are not exposed to a fentanyl outbreak, we neutralize the threat!

Automobile Cleanup

From large rental fleets to exposed police cruisers and first responder vehicles. We can clean it!

Residential Cleanup

Has your home been exposed? Fentanyl is deadly and can kill in you, your children and your pets.


We help government agencies, military branches, attorneys and large corporations develop protocols and procedures.

Fentanyl Cleanup

Fentanyl, Fentanyl analogues and other potent synthetic opioids and analgesics may be absorbed through the skin, allowing the drug to enter a person’s body without the typical illicit drug ingestion methods such as smoking, snorting, injection, etc. In addition, opioids may be inadvertently inhaled in situations where suspected drug samples are disturbed and particles become airborne. These exposures may place other people, including first responders, at potential risk.

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Fentanyl: The Real Deal guidance for law enforcement and first responders on how to safely work around the increased presence of fentanyl

Overdose explosion triggers best practices

Wear gloves when the presence of fentanyl is suspected

AVOID actions that may cause powder to become airborne

Use a properly-fitted, NIOSH approved respirator and wear eye protection

Follow your department guidelines if the scene involves large amounts of suspected fentanyl

Fentanyl cleanup

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