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If you suspect that your residential home or commercial building has been a place where fentanyl manufacturing has been taking place, it’s important to rely on a trained and certified professional drug lab cleanup company to take care of this. Fentanyl PRO is the company you can trust for fentanyl cleanup. We have been performing cleanups just like this and serve customers throughout the country with our cleanup services. All of our cleaners are highly trained and hold industry licenses for drug lab cleanup. In addition, they will wear personal protection equipment and follow top procedures to ensure all fentanyl residue is removed from your property and it is safe to occupy.

In light of the recent outbreak of Fentanyl labs across the nation, Dan and his team at Fentanyl PRO have been working closely with United States government agencies and military branches to develop a process that quickly, and safely remediates all types of properties affected by this type of drug lab. Communication lines are kept open to ensure Fentanyl houses are dealt with in the safest possible manner.

Percentage of Fentanyl Overdoses0%

Government Cleanup

We handle cleanups in prisons, jails, courthouses, precincts and any government building.

Industrial Cleanup

From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, we can handle the largest cleanup jobs!

Business Cleanup

Ensure your employees and customers are not exposed to a fentanyl outbreak, we neutralize the threat!

Automobile Cleanup

From large rental fleets to exposed police cruisers and first responder vehicles. We can clean it!

Residential Cleanup

Has your home been exposed? Fentanyl is deadly and can kill in you, your children and your pets.


We help government agencies, military branches, attorneys and large corporations develop protocols and procedures.


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